Satanic Sacraments

People have asked me why I advocate making a commitment to Satan. Making a commitment to Satan is a sacrament. It changes your life for the better and also opens a door to knowledge, wisdom, the spirit world, and friendly communication with the Demons that is inaccessible to outsiders. Making a commitment shows one's intentions and dedication to Satan. This is where he takes us seriously. Making a commitment also ensures protection as you advance in personal spiritual power.

Unlike the sacraments in enemy programs masquerading as “religions,” such as Christianity, Satanic Sacraments are genuine. In other so-called “religions,” the sacraments are false. This is proven by the fact that those who receive them can just walk out or "backslide" and leave at any time. They have no power or bond, and are in reality, worthless.

When we make a commitment to Satan, he takes us and our word seriously. Satanic Sacraments are real and permanent as it should be. The initiation ritual also represents a test of character. Personal inner strength is also important. Our character is tested when we give our souls to Father Satan. Here we take one of the most courageous steps of our lives. Many of us go up against everything we have been indoctrinated and programmed with throughout our lives with bold defiance. Here we show our true character, that we are not manipulated by fears, threats, and things we truly do not understand. This is a huge spiritual step in the liberation of the self and soul and prepares us for the intense inner growth and spiritual evolution that comes with being a true Satanist.

Performing the Dedication shows we are truly dedicated to Satan and that we mean what we say. Total honesty is extremely important to Satan and the Powers of Hell. In return, we are rewarded with knowledge, protection, and wisdom beyond anything known to outsiders.

Outsiders are known as "those who are without." Many who have dabbled in the occult, magick, and even Egypt, [as Egypt and all of the occult are of Satan] outsiders have had their share of negative experiences and hard luck, as they have not made a commitment. I have found outsiders can only go so far in these areas, as they are often attacked by enemy spirits that are human-hating. When we make a commitment, we become part of the Family of Satan where we are welcomed to learn, grow, and evolve.



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