Spiritual Satanism: For Those Who Are New

Unfortunately, the Christian Church has worked relentlessly to remove knowledge, suppress freedom of the press and free speech, and attack Satan. Satanism is a major threat to many who wish to retain control and power as Satanism places control and power in the hands of the common people. Satanism has been deliberately and viciously attacked for centuries and followers have been severely persecuted. Enemy programs that masquerade as so-called "religions" have been free to promote their own lies and horror stories about Satanism to keep people away, by using a lack of knowledge along with fear. This has lead to much ignorance and confusion concerning Satanism and has had a most unfortunate effect on many who have had misunderstandings along with no one to answer their questions when seeking Satan.

Satanism is VERY spiritually intense. For those of you who were raised in Christian homes, or were atheists, this intensity of spirituality can be surprising or even come as a shock. Enemy programs such as Christianity and Islam are spiritually dead; in other words, nothing happens, and on the rare occasion something does, it is of a weak nature. Programs such as Christianity are based upon stolen and false practices and the spirituality was deliberately removed. As opposed to Christians who pray and keep praying with no answers, Satanists get blatant answers and I don't mean twenty years later!

Many of us have had similar experiences as Spiritual Satanists, but we are all individuals. Experiences will vary, and what one person may experience, another may not. This all has to do with how advanced your soul is in this lifetime. Those who meditated regularly in past lives, regardless of who they are, are more open and psychic than those who never worked at these disciplines.

For those who are new, here are some of the things you can expect:

Many things happening early on can be stimulating and exciting. Remember this is something new and can take some getting used to, as you are establishing strong, permanent spiritual relationships that will help you immeasurably.

Now, at some point, usually when you are feeling somewhat confident, Satan will more than likely show you what is wrong with your life. Satan knows everything about us and where we are headed by our actions, lack of initiative or whatever the case may be. If we are doing something that will have a detrimental effect on our lives down the road, he will often let us know, blatantly. Consistent meditation also brings awareness and we will notice and see things that most others are oblivious to.

This can be bewildering and even downright frightening to some, especially with all the lies and false horror stories spread by the enemy for centuries. There is no cause for alarm. He is only getting onto you because he cares. Sometimes he will send a Demon to direct us, as he did with me and I am to this day, deeply grateful. The Demon might get strict or do whatever will get you to listen up and change.

NEVER WILL SATAN OR HIS DEMONS TELL YOU TO DO ANYTHING HARMFUL OR DETRIMENTAL TO YOURSELF OR OTHERS! These kinds of experiences come from Christian angels and other entities that have nothing to do with Satan or any of our Gods/Demons.

Always remain open. If you are having problems understanding something or are confused, you can ask Satan to help you and he will. Remember, ALWAYS show respect and reverence for Satan and our Demon friends and they will reward you with much wisdom and knowledge that outsiders will never have.

The so-called "supernatural" is often a part of our daily lives as Satanists. This is something positive. Satan will reward you with a sense of spiritual and inner strength that will pull you through anything. Psychic gifts begin to open to us more and more, along with confidence and deep understanding.

In finishing, it is important to keep a strong positive attitude and don't listen to bunk and the false stories told by those who know nothing about Satan, or Satanism.
Satan's Blessings to you, and may your journey in Spiritual Satanism be rich and rewarding.

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