Spiritual Satanism for New People

If you are new to Satanism, we encourage you to read everything on this website. Some of the articles are outdated. We are working on revising these, but most of the information is self-explanitory.

Membership in the Joy of Satan is open and free. Thanks to donations, we are able to make knowledge openly and freely available while we do research. We keep everyone posted as to new knowledge and material.

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Feel free to ask questions in any of the groups, but please read and study here, as many questions can be answered by personal study. Satanism is knowledge and study.


Once you have studied this website, if you are serious about wanting to make a commitment to Satan, this will be your initiation to Spiritual Satanism.

After you have performed your commitment ritual, you should begin a power meditation program.
Power meditation is the foundation of Spiritual Satanism. You will find help in the e-groups with any questions you may have concerning meditation experiences and such. Many brothers and sisters in Satan in the groups are knowledgable in these matters.

Here are some answers to questions that frequently come up in the groups concerning Spiritual Satanism:

1. All consenting sex in Satanism is free- straight, gay, bi-sexual, group sex, etc. Your sex life is your own personal business. This also includes those who choose to remain sexually inactive, or who are a-sexual. Your sex life, however you choose to live it is your own business!

2. Recreational drug is your own business and your own judgement. Responsibility to the responsible. Spiritual Satanism advocates empowering the soul without the use of artificial stimulants or mind-altering substances, but this is up to the individual.

3. Satan does not demand slavish worship. He does not expect us to be "sorry." Satan gives us knowledge and expects us to apply that knowledge in advancing our powers and our soul. Satan wants for us to grow, evolve and become independent.

4. Satanic prayer is sending energy. For example if a loved one is sick, we would send him/her healing energy.
To commmunicate with Satan and his Demons, we do this telepathically. This sort of thing will come with power meditation and opening your mind. Satan DOES hear us when we communicate to him.

5. Weekly rituals are great for new people in opening the soul to Satanic energy which is very beautiful.

6. People coming here who were former Christians, need to read through Exposing Christianity.
By reading through the articles, you will see the truth. The world has been indoctrinated and force-fed lies for centuries through Christianity and its cohorts. Christianity is a lie and nothing more than a program to remove spirituality. In coming to Satanism, you will find the spirit world and your soul are very real. Few have experienced real spirituality, empowering the soul and so forth, due to centuries of lies. Through learning and empowering oursleves, anxieties and fears are banished and we become strong in wisdom and knowledge. Most Satanists are spiritually confident and capable and do not fear the so-called "supernatural" or death.

7. If you are under-age and living in a Christian home, Satan understands. Do the best you can until you are of legal age and can practice your religion freely. Satan wants his people to be safe. Satan states in the Al-Jilwah:
"Do not mention my name nor my attributes, lest ye regret it; for ye do not know what those who are without may do."

8. There are no mediators in Satanism. Please read the following article:
No Mediators



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